A great opportunity

For students

Acquire technical and programming skills.

Develop problem-solving, organizational and teamwork skills.

Develop creativity and communication skills.

Discover promising professions and careers.

Become part of a community of designers and developers in the field of robotics and new technologies.

Meet with the NAO user community, technical teams and specialists who will offer special assistance throughout the competition.

Discover the fascination of robotics and its distinctive spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship, a world that combines technology, innovation, creativity and passion.

For Teachers

Promote greater interest in science and technology.

Capture students’ attention by stimulating their imagination.

Experiment with flexible learning modes.

Promote gender education for girls.

Stimulate inclusion through the creation of heterogeneous working groups.

Get free training on site and online.

Develop interdisciplinary pathways by combining scientific subjects with humanities.

Who can partecipate

Enrolment is reserved for teams from secondary schools. Non-school teams will not be admitted.

Each school may apply for more than one team.

Each team must be composed of a minimum of three and a maximum of ten students and will be accompanied by a teacher-tutor.

Each teacher-tutor may follow a maximum of three teams.